Tutera revises Mission Chateau plans, but neighborhood concerns linger

Area resident Steve Carman talked with Joe Tutera of the Tutera Group after the community meeting Tuesday.

The plans have changed. But neighborhood reaction is about the same.

Mission Valley-area residents got their first look at the Tutera Group’s revised proposal for a senior living community on the shuttered school’s grounds during a community meeting Tuesday. Based on input from previous community meetings, Tutera has reconfigured the proposed facility’s footprint to increase the distance between buildings and the property lines of adjacent homes and decrease the overall lot coverage.

But those concessions appear to have done little to assuage the discontent of neighborhood homeowners, who expressed continued concerns about the project’s suitability for the area. Several attendees said they felt a senior living community on the Mission Valley site would decrease their homes’ property values and hurt the area’s aesthetics.

“I just don’t think it belongs,” said Nancy Sinovic, who lives in the same Mission Valley neighborhood home her parents lived when she was a child. “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

Alice Carman said she thought the plan was “probably a great idea, but not a fit for this area. I think you should take this great idea, and put it somewhere that it would be appropriate.”

Carman also said the proposal was causing considerable community strife, “pitting neighbor against neighbor.”

John Petersen of Polsinelli Shughart told the audience the company intends to file its plans for the project with the city on April 5. Prairie Village Assistant City Administrator Dennis Enslinger said the city hasn’t determined a schedule for a work session or public hearing on the proposal.

As a result of the protest petition ordinance passed by the Prairie Village City Council in January, Mission Valley homeowners will have the ability to influence how many votes are required for the project to get final approval from the city.

(Full disclosure: We missed the first hour of the meeting).

A rendering of Tutera’s revised overhead drawing of the Mission Chateau project.
A rendering showing the existing Mission Valley building footprint and the proposed facility’s footprint.