‘Catburglar’ suspected in Prairie Village, Mission Hills incidents

Northeast Johnson County law enforcement agents were among those breathing a sigh of relief at news last week that a “catburglar” had been arrested in the act.

Raymond K. Dorsey
Leawood police apprehended Raymond K. Dorsey, 24, last Tuesday as he emerged from a garage, apparently attempting to complete the latest in a string of overnight burglaries carried out while homeowners slept just feet away.

At present, Dorsey is charged with two counts aggravated burglary and one count of motor vehicle theft. He was released from Jackson County prison on an eight-year sentence for other crimes in January. Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan told City Councilors last week that Dorsey is suspected in a recent burglaries in Prairie Village and Mission Hills as well.

Jordan said Dorsey’s apparent fearlessness at entering homes while the owners were present made him a particularly dangerous burglar.

“Usually, burglars are very reluctant to go into a home when someone else is there,” Jordan said. “In this case, it didn’t seem to bother the guy. The potential was there for a harmful interaction with a homeowner.”

Jordan credited the use of technology and good relations between police departments in helping bringing Dorsey in. He is currently in Johnson County jail with bond set at $250,000