Forest Service program offers trees that could replace dead evergreens

If you’ve driven around the area lately, you’ve no doubt noticed preponderance of evergreen trees that are now everbrown.

Last summer’s excruciating drought took a heavy tool on all trees, but particularly the local evergreen stock.

But a program offered through K-State Research and Extension in Olathe could help local landowners replace some of those dead trees.

The Kansas Forest Service is taking orders for low-cost seedlings as part of its conservation tree planting program. It costs just $20 to get a bundle of 25 seedlings of a single variety. The Extension office encourages neighbors to split bundles among themselves, since many people won’t be able to plant all 25 seedlings.

The seedlings are 1 to 2 year old trees with high survival rates for the climate of the central high plains.

You can download an order form for the trees at, or by contacting County Agriculture Agent Rick Miller at 913-715-7000.