PV police pleased with portrayal in 48 Hours piece on Marti Hill investigation

Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan

It’s natural to feel a bit of trepidation when your work is about to be put under a microscope and broadcast for the entire country to see.

But Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan said he couldn’t have been more pleased with the way his officers were portrayed in Saturday’s 48 Hours broadcast covering the attack of resident Marti Hill.

“I’m pretty protective of our image, so I was a little nervous,” Jordan told the Prairie Village City Council Monday. “Honestly, it exceeded my expectations. Those producers were class acts.”

Jordan said he and members of the department watched the broadcast together — and Jordan was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback that came in regarding the piece via the 48 Hours Facebook page.

“I’ve never been one to respond to a TV show while I was watching it, but it was fun to reply to some of the things that people were saying,” he said.

You can see the entire Marti Hill 48 Hours piece here.