Prairie Village pursuing repair of nearly new Franklin Park trail after cracks appear

Deep cracks have started to appear in the eight-foot wide trail at Franklin Park just two years after it was installed.

The nearly new asphalt trail at Prairie Village’s Franklin Park is already showing significant signs of deterioration, prompting the city to seek restitution in the form of repairs.

The only problem: The company the installed the trail in 2010 is now out of business.

As a result, Prairie Village Public Works is sorting through the issue with the insurance company that guaranteed Vanum Construction’s work before it closed up shop. Acting Public Works Director Keith Bredehoeft said he hopes to have the issue resolved by this spring.

“We have heard concerns from residents, not necessarily from a safety perspective, but just wanting to know why the cracks were already there,” he said.

Longitudinal cracks started appearing along the trail several months ago, and have gotten so deep in some places that they nearly go all the way through the three or four inches of asphalt down to the soil.

“It’s definitely wear and tear that you wouldn’t expect to see on something so new,” Bredehoeft said. “The past two summers have been very dry, so that may be playing some role. But this is still not something you would expect so early.”

Bredehoeft said the repair work would entail digging up the current trail and replace it with new asphalt in some places.