Fire station at 90th and Roe to be vacated, new station to be built nearby

The fire station at 90th Terrace and Roe Avenue will likely close sometime in 2014 as Consolidate Fire District No. 2 moves operations to a new facility to be built nearby.

Consolidated Fire District No. 2, which provides fire protection services to communities throughout northeast Johnson County, is preparing to close the fire station a 90th Terrace and Roe Avenue in Prairie Village to make way for a modern facility less than a mile away.

Fire Chief Phil Hodgdon says the new station, to be built at the south edge of Meadowbrook Country Club, on 95th Street just east of Rosewood Drive, will likely come in at a total cost of between $3 and $4 million — but the move is necessary given the deteriorating conditions of the current facility.

“That building was built in 1955, and we’re dealing with some major plumbing and mold issues,” he said. “The guys who run on the treadmill when they’re on duty have to take a tile out of the ceiling to make room for their heads. We’re doing what we need to get by, but it’s time for a move.”

The department is presently in the process of closing the deal to acquire the property for the new facility, and Hodgdon said he hoped construction could begin by this fall with a move in date sometime in 2014. The new fire station would provide space for a ladder truck, fire engine and ambulance, just like the current building. Johnson County is likely to kick in $500,000 to the construction costs for the new station because it runs its Med-Act services out of the fire stations.

The new location, which will also be in the Prairie Village city limits, is expected to have a negligible impact on response times.

“We ran a few different scenarios where we calculated response times to places where we’ve responded to calls, and the differences were very minor,” Hodgdon said.

Hodgdon said the department intended to sell the property housing the current fire station. It is presently zoned for commercial or office use.