Housekeeping: The end of as you know it

The Prairie Village Post you’ve grown to know and love is going away…

so we can replace it with a Prairie Village Post you’ll grow to know and love even more!

A very small li’l sneak peak at the new design. Check back next week to see it in action.


So, here’s the deal: After two and a half years, we started to think that the site design I slapped together over the course of an afternoon in June 2010 could use a li’l freshening up. And while we were at it, we thought, why not allow for larger photos, easier-to-read text, and better, industry-standard ad placements for our sponsors?

After several weeks of redesign work, and with the help of our buds over at Snodgrass Creative, we’re set to flip the switch on a new, improved sometime this coming Monday. Or Tuesday if things go awry. We’ll just see how it all pans out.

Anydoodle, we know that — as with many such redesigns — not everyone is going to be a fan right out of the gate. And we’re anticipating that — as with many such redesigns — we may have a few kinks to work out.

So if you have a strong opinion about the way the new design works or come across a bug, don’t hesitate to let us know by shooting a message to

Thanks for readin’!