‘Any type of firearm’? Sheriff refuses to clarify position on gun control

As you might imagine, Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning’s anti-gun control opinion piece on the Sheriff’s Department’s website caused quite a stir.

Frank Denning

Denning’s article drew derision from the Kansas City Star’s editorial board. And yesterday the Pitch jumped in as well…

We received several inquiries after posting Denning’s comments on Monday, and decided to pass along a question from a reader that touched on a common theme — whether Denning thinks existing gun regulations should be eliminated:

“Sheriff Denning says “As Sheriff, I will never support, nor advocate for, ANY legislation at ANY level (local, state or federal) that would restrict the legal possession or ownership of any type of firearm (or high-capacity magazine) by lawful, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of Johnson County, Kansas and of the United States of America.” Does this mean he would like to see restrictions on fully automatic weapons lifted? Does he think Johnson Countians should be able to posses grenade or rocket launchers?”

And…here was the Sheriff’s response:

As you can imagine, there has been a deluge of responses to my statement regarding ‘gun control’, both in support and in opposition.  I appreciate the folks who have taken the time to read it, given it some consideration, and who have then taken the time to respond.

I simply cannot respond to each and every one of those responses, so I will only say that your efforts, no matter to which side of this issue you belong should be focused on communicating your thoughts to our elected legislators who will be debating this issue at both the state and national level.  Your opinions are important to them and the more your representatives hear from you regarding this and many other important issues, the better.

Hopefully, by sending our legislators a very strong , united message, we can keep unfavorable legislative proposals from becoming law.

Can’t say that helped clarify things…