New poll: District Attorney moving forward with case to oust David Morrison

Councilor David Morrison listened as the city attorney detailed the allegations against him at the Nov. 5 Prairie Village City Council Meeting.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe on Thursday made it official: David Morrison is facing expulsion from his position as a Prairie Village City Councilor.

Morrison maintains that, while his decision to let a homeless friend with a drug problem and a criminal record stay unaccompanied overnight at Prairie Village City Hall was a poor one, it was motivated by good intentions. Moreover, he insists that behind closed doors his peers on the council were split over whether to recommend his ouster or not — despite the fact they voted unanimously in public to seek his removal.

The civil case brought by Howe will be heard in Kansas’s Tenth District Court by Judge David Hauber.

Do you think Morrison’s actions warrant expulsion from office?

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