Kansas may be red, but voting data shows it’s not all GOP in northeast JoCo

The November election is so yesterday, but a recent comment by State Rep. Barbara Bollier got us thinking about taking a look back. At a recent legislative forum, Bollier noted her district had voted for President Obama and therefore she needed to be cognizant of the different viewpoints she represented.

How did Northeast Johnson County vote when you take a look city by city? And where does a Democrat win in such a Republican-heavy county? Quite a few places it turns out. Every precinct in Mission and Roeland Park was won by Obama, some overwhelmingly as in Mission’s first ward second precinct that favored the Democrat roughly 65 percent to 30 percent.

However, over in Mission Hills, just the opposite: of the four precincts, the highest percentage the president could muster was 35 percent of the vote and did not break 25 percent in another precinct, clearly still Republican territory.

Over in Prairie Village, the results were closer, near 50-50 split in the total vote, but Obama won all but five of the 18 voting locations. In Fairway, it was Romney in three of the four precincts. Leawood: it’s all Republican right down the line, but Westwood and Westwood Hills went for the Democrat.

The same pattern holds for the state senate race between Kyle Russell and Kay Wolf: Mission and Roeland Park for the Democrat along with Westwood and Westwood Hills, Fairway and Leawood Republican and Mission Hills big Republican (Russell got 26 percent). A difference in this race is that Prairie Village went more Republican for Kay Wolf, who lives in Prairie Village.

In Democrat Amy Bell’s challenge to Bollier, Mission Hills and Leawood are all Republican, but Bell wins some precincts in Overland Park and Prairie Village.

For freshman State Rep. Melissa Rooker, who beat Megan England by 197 votes, the Mission Hills Republican vote was a deciding factor: Rooker had a 890-vote margin with 77.5 percent of the vote. That topped England’s 721-vote win in Roeland Park, her hometown. Mission again favored the Democrat, but was balanced by Rooker’s win in Fairway, her home, roughly 45-vote margins each way. Westwood and Westwood Hills also stayed Democratic in that vote and Mission Woods was Republican as in the other contests.

Full results are found here. If you are a political junkie, tell us how you interpret this vote.

One constant across all the cities: voter turnout runs about 75 percent. We do take elections seriously.