Mission Valley neighbors organizing against retirement housing project

Organizers of the Mission Valley Neighbors Association are urging members to show up en masse at the Jan. 8 planning commission meeting to show support for a proposal that would allow the group — and any neighborhood potentially affected by a development project — to file a formal protest.

The following message went out via email to members Thursday:

Dear MVNA Concerned Citizens,

It’s back and it’s UGLY!! After a lull, the Developer’s plan for a MASSIVE (300,000+ Sq Ft) retirement/skilled nursing complex on the Mission Valley site is public.

We MUST attend the JANUARY 8 Planning Commission meeting. This meeting will help determine our ability to file a protest petition. We are the only city in Johnson County presently without this due process. It is essential to our rights as concerned citizens and neighbors.

It’s time to reenergize for the final push!!
PLEASE attend the Tuesday, January 8 Planning Commission meeting —
7:00 — Prairie Village City Hall. It’s crunch time!!!