Prairie Village seeking nominations for annual Arbor Day Honoree

What with the sheets of ice and snow covering lawns and limbs, visions of a sunny spring ceremony under a Prairie Village tree in full bloom probably seem awfully far away, don’t they?

The tree planting ceremony honoring Jim Hanson.
Well, snap out of your winter weather funk, Villagers, because the city’s annual Arbor Day festivities will be here before you know it.

Prairie Village is currently seeking nominations for its annual Arbor Day Honoree. The award goes to residents who “have made difference in Prairie Village,” and whose efforts “have had a positive and lasting impact on the community.” The award can be given to past or present Prairie Village citizens living or deceased. Each year, the tree board names a newly planted tree after that year’s Arbor Day Honoree.

To download the nomination form, visit the city’s website here.