Talk amongst yourselves: Unintentional voyeurism at PV Cape Cods

Well, readers, we got another note in the old mailbag that we thought would probably best be handled via our community discussion series, “Talk amongst yourselves.”

Prairie Village resident and Brainzooming CEO Mike Brown sent us the following note:

“Have you all ever thought about doing a story on the odd phenomenon of having windows in showers in PV Cape Cods…and the various ways people have dealt with it? I did this post recently about naked shower guy who doesn’t really deal with it, providing a show for people on Mission Road.”

Here’s the post he wrote on the issue (creatively linking the experience to brand experience management, somehow…). We’ll spare you the graphic here — but Brown managed to, uh, illustrate the point fairly well with a cell phone pic that, while not NSFW exactly, does make you think through the properties of window light when it’s dark outside.

So, fellow Cape Cod owners, how do you deal with this odd architectural feature?