Food on Friday: Thank you very much, Mr. Affogato

By Julia Westhoff

One of my favorite desserts is affogato, which translates into “drowned” in Italian. It combines warm espresso or coffee with a scoop of ice cream. I first tried it in an Italian cafe in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, and I was hooked instantly. The combination of the hot and cold and sweet and bitter is magical.

Lately I’ve kicked this dessert up a notch, combining it with Whole Foods Chocolate Peppermint ice cream (which, by the way, totally should have been on my list of favorite Christmas goodies. It is out of this world).

There’s no recipe for this dish – simply pour prepared hot coffee over a scoop of ice cream and eat immediately. It’s a memorable ending to a holiday dinner party but also makes a great pick-me-up on a wintry afternoon.