Prairie Village author tells the story of KCK

Joe Vaughan with his book, “Kansas City, Kansas” in Bruce Smith Drugs in Prairie Village where the book is for sale.

A new book by a Prairie Village author tells the history of Kansas City, Kan., with more than 200 vintage photographs.

Joe Vaughan now lives in Prairie Village but is a native of KCK with a long history of involvement in historic preservation and cultural activities in in the metro. Vaughan’s book portrays the history of the city from 1804 until present day and lets readers re-connect with the “full service” city that evolved over that time.

The book is available now at Bruce Smith Drugs in the Prairie Village shops in the local authors section near the pharmacy. The book is titled simply “Kansas City, Kansas” and is part of the Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing.

Vaughan was asked by the publisher to pursue the project, which took 14 months of research. The photos are from the collection of the Wyandotte Historical Society, but each caption tells a story of its own from the airport in the Fairfax district with its long runways to the majestic old theaters downtown.

Squibs from the publisher’s promotion of the book include the following:

“Over the past 150 years, many of the consumer goods sold and used across the country were either manufactured in Kansas City or passed through this industrial center. From the westbound trails of pioneer times until today, Kansas has been the crossroads of the nation and the city has benefitted from its geographic centrality in the country.

Highlights of Kansas City, Kansas include:

• Two Centuries of Civilizing the New West

• The City’s First Major Decades of Development

• The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Take a Toll

• The 1950s Contrast the Great Flood of 1951 with Postwar Hubris

• 21st-Century Technological Transformation Affects Everyone”

Vaughan was a broadcast journalist at several Kansas City area radio stations and for two decades has been an author, writer and publisher. He is the owner and president of Joe Vaughan and Associates in Prairie Village. He also serves on the board of Water District No. 1 in his third term. He has been president of the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City and has held offices in the Wyandotte Historical Society. He also is past president of the Kansas Associated Press Broadcasters and holds a journalism degree from KU.