Morrison votes to have himself replaced as Prairie Village council president

David Morrison applauded after the Prairie Village council voted unanimously to have Charles Clark (left) replace Morrison as council president in the wake of the group’s move to oust Morrison from office.

The already strange saga of David Morrison’s possible removal from the Prairie Village city council took yet another odd turn Monday night when Morrison — who is for the time being still an active councilmember — voted to have Charles Clark replace him as council president.

Morrison was serving as council president when news broke last month that he had let a homeless man with a drug problem and criminal record stay unaccompanied overnight at Prairie Village city hall. His fellow councilors then voted to remove him from the council presidency following the filing of an ethics complaint against him.

Clark served as council president prior to Morrison taking the position in April, and had been reinstated on an interim basis following Morrison’s removal.

Despite the fact that the council voted 11-0 at its Nov. 19 meeting to seek to have Morrison ousted from the the governing body, Morrison will remain a member of the council with full voting rights until Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe’s office decides whether to initiate an ouster procedure against him.

City attorney Catherine Logan told the council last night that she spoke with Howe last week, and he informed her that the case had been delegated to an assistant district attorney. A decision about whether to move forward with a case against Morrison will likely come within two weeks, Logan said.

In the meantime, Morrison intends to stay put.

“I think the vote against me was politically motivated,” he said. “Churchill said ‘Never, ever give up.'”