Shawnee Mission school transfer deadline in January

Shawnee Mission students who want to transfer to a different school in the district have until January 5 to file their request.

While quite a few students requested transfers last year, especially at SM East, the district has not determined which schools will be open to transfers for the 2013-2014 school year. That decision will come in January, after the district reviews the number of students living in the school’s attendance area and the number of transfer requests both in and out of the building. Transfers are approved on a first come basis if there is room available.

This school year Indian Hills had 50 students transfer in and 23 transfer out for an increase of 27 students. At SM East, 273 requested in and 85 out for a gain of 188 students.

Elementary school transfers are considered on the space available at each grade level. The district sets a ‘transfer’ level for each elementary grade section which leaves room for students moving into the area unexpectedly. Transfers can be accepted up to that limit so schools won’t be creating new sections because of transfers.

At middle and high schools, classrooms, lockers and staff for course requests determines if transfers will be accepted. Just a few years ago, families were moving to keep their children eligible to attend SM East when high school transfers were harder to obtain.

Students who already are transferred into a building only need to reapply when they are changing building levels, for example middle school to high school. Siblings must apply and are not guaranteed a transfer, although the district does try to keep family members in the same school. Transfer students also waive the right to district-provided transportation.

Kindergarten transfer requests are due to the home school by May 1 because of the dates for spring roundups. Students must be enrolled in their home school before they can request a transfer. Forms are available on the district website.