Peoplewatching: Kyle Hopkins and Emily Farris

Every now and again we encounter li’l scenes that, while not “newsworthy” exactly, are striking enough to pass along to you, our dear readers.

Well, friends, precisely such a scene occurred Saturday night at the nuptials of 1999 SM East grad Kyle Hopkins and his beautiful bride, founder Emily Farris. And it makes for the subject of…the first in a new, occasional series we’re calling “Peoplewatching”!

We’ll spare you a longwinded tale about how these two culinarily gifted gentlefolk first came together. But suffice it to say that a shared love of delicious things was the stock in which their love slowly simmered, developing remarkable richness and complexity along they way.

So it wasn’t too surprising that the couple chose to feature a whole, slow roasted hog as the centerpiece of the wedding menu. And, if you know Kyle and Emily, it was even less surprising that they decided to replace the traditional cake-cutting ceremony with a novel, if emotionally-challenging-to-vegetarians, pig-cutting ceremony.

Which is where we get to this photo of Emily lovingly shoving a chunk of pulled pork into Kyle’s eager mouth:

Congratulations to this wonderful, creative and energetic northeast Johnson County couple on their fantastic wedding — and their excellent taste in spouses.