Tim Dorr’s Christmas lights show back up and running on Prairie Village grounds

Tim Dorr’s choreographed Christmas lights and music display had its opening night on the Prairie Village Municipal Grounds Thursday, marking the second season Dorr and the city of have teamed up to bring the popular display onto public property.

(Dorr decided to move the display from his home in after a neighbor expressed concerns about the amount of traffic it was generating on the street in 2010).

As is his wont, Dorr has added some new features this year. (He’s kind of a light nut — you don’t host a conference for Christmas lighting enthusiasts if you’re not). There are three new elves that serve as emcees for the viewers taking in the show from their cars, where they can hear the choreographed music on the radio. He’s also added some grounded lights, a 3D star, and has blown out the use of “Cosmic Color Ribbons” to create a Christmas tree and a series of arches.

The SM East parking lot on opening night was plenty busy. Here’s a taste, shot from our dashboard:

Just like last year, there is a voluntary donation box on the east side of the display. If you make a contribution, it goes to the Prairie Village Municipal Foundation and Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

More info on this year’s display is available on Tim’s website.