Food on Friday: Save it for the sandwich

By Julia Westhoff

Today marks one of my favorite food days of the whole year. As much as I love Thanksgiving dinner, the leftovers are what really do it for me. Forget the formality of tablecloths and silver and give me a pyrex container of cold leftovers. Even better, grab a couple slices of bread and layer it all together. The results are incredibly tasty and enough to keep you fortified for all of that Black Friday shopping…

Post-Thanksgiving Sandwich

• 2 thick slices bread
• Cold  gravy
• Sliced turkey
• Stuffing
• Cranberry dressing
• Butter

Spread one slice of bread with a thin layer of cold gravy. Layer the sandwich with slices of turkey, stuffing, more gravy and cranberry dressing, to taste. Season with salt and pepper and top with chopped sage leaves. Spread a thick layer of ranberry dressing on the other slice of bread.
Butter each side of the sandwich on the outside, then toast on a cast iron skillet, pressing the firmly oneach side until golden brown.