Three reasons to be thankful in northeast Johnson County: Reason #3

Happy Thanksgiving, NEJCers! We hope you’re spending the day with the people you’re most thankful for, and have some time amid the massive meal preparations to take a minute and reflect on things that make your life worth being thankful for.

We’re going to take a li’l break from our usual news delivery format today and instead countdown three reasons we can all be thankful to live in the northeast Johnson County community.

Reason #3: Our parks

Newsflash: Kids enjoy parks.

Having lived in a couple of places where access to neighborhood parks was cumbersome, if available at all, I can say this with confidence: We’ve got an amazing parks system around here.

We’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of both Porter Park and Windsor Park in Prairie Village. They, like all of the parks throughout our area, keep property values high, offer green space to break up the string of development and roads, and — above all else — provide the eminently necessary venue for li’l ones to get their ya-yas out.

We don’t mind saying that we think money used to improve our parks is money well spent – and we’re thankful for the investment the community has made to keep them vibrant thus far.