JoCo environmentalists — and Father Nature — encourage homeowners to ‘recycle lawns’ this fall


Wellsir, if you’re anything like this guy, you’ve been keeping a weary eye on your front lawn lately.

And with each leaf that falls from the stately oak in the front yard, the inner turmoil grows all the more intense: “Do I go ahead and rake and bag? Or should I wait until more leaves fall? They’re just going to keep coming, you know. THEY’LL JUST KEEP COMING!”

Luckily, the good people at Johnson County’s Department of Health and Environment have a calming message to deliver. When it comes to your lawn this time of year, they say, just mow it high, and let it lie.

Indeed, through their “Recycle your lawn” campaign, they encourage local homeowners to mulch mow their yards frequently to let the finely chopped leaves filter down to the soil. Mulched leaves and grass will compost over the winter and help feed your lawn when it emerges from its slumber in the spring.

But why listen to me when you can listen to 10-foot-tall Father Nature and his terrifying plastic deer companion?