Prairie Village, WaterOne partnering with warranty companies on water, sewer line protection programs


In the last few weeks your mailbox may have seen more than just pleas from political candidates. More than one company is marketing service warranties on water lines and sewer lines. Some of the companies have partnerships with cities and utilities and some don’t.

WaterOne, the water utility for our area, has specifically partnered with HomeServe and receives a 6 percent commission on each of the warranties. WaterOne uses part of the commission money to offset bad debt and keep rates lower and donates the rest to the Utility Assistance Program, run by Johnson County Human Services.

WaterOne took proposals from warranty companies before it settled on an exclusive partnership with HomeServe, although other companies are marketing the same service in this area, including American Water Resources.

According to the WaterOne website, “We are satisfied that HomeServe is a reputable company with a legitimate product.”

The homeowner is responsible for repairs to the water line between the house and either the meter or valve, which can cost thousands of dollars. This is at least the second round of marketing for water line protection and sewer line protection hitting residences.

The city of Prairie Village has endorsed a sewer line protection plan with Service Line Warranties of America that has a partnership through the National League of Cities. Just like the water lines, homeowners are responsible for repairs to the line running from the house to the utility connection and those repairs can run into the thousands of dollars.

Information on the plans are available at the websites of WaterOne and Prairie Village.