Obama carries 60 percent of the vote…among Shawnee Mission students

School by school results from the SMSD mock election. Click to enlarge.


The national polls may have had President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney neck and neck heading into Election Day – but Shawnee Mission School District students have a clear preference in the presidential race, according to the mock election they held Nov. 1.

Results from the mock election, in which nearly 17,500 students voted, put Obama on top with nearly 60 percent of the vote. Obama carried every school in the district except two: Marsh Elementary in Shawnee, and Corinth Elementary in Prairie Village.

Romney won Corinth with 277 votes compared to 233 for Obama.

At SM East, Obama won 419 to Romney’s 318.

K-12 students from all 41 schools in the district participated.