Talk amongst yourselves: The horror of near-duplicate street names

From time to time we get a query in the old mailbag that just begs to be aired before our vast readerhood. Earlier this week was such a time. Reader Sharon Hunzeker passed along the note below about the trouble caused by near-duplicate street names throughout the area. We’re featuring it as part of a new, occasional community discussion series we’re calling “Talk amongst yourselves.” Chat away!:

Has anyone else found it annoying to live on a street with a duplicate (almost) named road nearby?

I have only lived here 9 years but can’t even remember how many times this has caused problems for delivery people, friends, services, etc. who can’t find the right address. I live on Granada Lane. One block east is Granada Road. Most of the numbers do not coincide, however, some do.

I am most probably in the minority but I, for one, would gladly change my address to another name even though it would be time consuming. In the long run, it makes more sense to me.

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