With renovations nearly complete, Corinth no longer ‘red-headed step child’

LANE4’s Jeff Berg said that, with its recent facelift, Corinth Square is no longer a “red-headed step child.”

A blustering breeze and chilly fall rain didn’t deter a good crowd from gathering at Corinth Square Thursday for a ceremony marking completion of major renovations made possible by funds from a Community Improvement District passed by the Prairie Village city council in 2010.

(Free beer and wine might have helped encourage people to brave the elements).

Representatives from property owner LANE4 thanked neighborhood residents, merchants and city officials for their help and patience as the project moved forward over the summer.

“When we bought these properties, we had a hard time figuring out where Corinth Square fit in,” said LANE4’s Jeff Berg. “Frankly, it was pretty ugly. Today, though, Corinth is no longer the red-headed step child.”

LANE4 president Owen Buckley told the crowd that the company appreciated the bevy of feedback it received during the project — both good and bad.

“We do welcome your comments,” Buckley said. “All of them. Some of the negative comments we get really help us figure out how to make things work.”

Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer was joined near the microphone by several city councilors (including Ward 4’s Brooke Morehead, who made former councilor Dale Beckerman’s support for the CID an issue during her campaign), who he thanked for making the project possible.

“I do want to give thanks to the city council for getting behind this,” he said. “In this economic environment, you don’t see a lot of projects like this happening.”

Members of the city council stood with Mayor Ron Shaffer.