Villagers, start your cameras: Announcing our 2012 Fall Colors photo contest

Red, yellow and green leaves…all in the same photo? Whaarrttt??? Must be fall foliage photo season, fools.

Ai’ght, Village People: Grab those cameras. And quick!

‘Cause I’m guessing we’re pretty close to peak week as far as fall colors are concerned. And it give us the perfect excuse to host one of our world-famous community photo contests! Hurrah!

So here’s the deal: Pictures. Of great fall colors. Take them. Lots of them. Then return to your home and look at them. Really drink them in. Using your most critical eye, select one or two that you feel are worthy of the title “ Best Fall Photo of 2012.” Send those photos via the email machine of your choosing to with the subject line “Fall Colors Contest” before 5 p.m. on Oct. 25.

We’ll comb through your submissions, probably making snarky comments along the way. Then, using our patented completely subjective judging process, we’ll narrow the field to five finalists, which we’ll present to you, our dear readers, who will have the opportunity to vote on a winner.

What’s at stake? Pride, mostly. But also a $25 gift certificate to the Village Shops. Snap away, shutterbugs.