Leawood delays Slab n’ Pickle decision again

The fate of the controversial barbecue restaurant that is planned for Ranchmart North has been postponed once again.

The restaurant plan has met with significant opposition from the surrounding neighborhood because the building is closer to residential homes than most of the other commercial buildings at the Ranchmart site. The old post office building, which stands alone in the commercial strip to the northeast of Mission Road and 95th Street, is the site for the restaurant that has seen multiple delays over the past several months.

The controversy started early this year. Neighbors contend the proximity of the restaurant will affect their property values, and that the smell of smoking meat will be noticeable inside people’s homes.

The building was scheduled for a public hearing on its zoning and site plan before the Leawood Plan Commission Tuesday, but was delayed once again to Oct. 23. The issue is now scheduled for the city council on Nov. 5.