Corinth, Briarwood enrollments at 5-year highs; SM East enrollment trending downward

Fall enrollment figures for schools that feed into SM East held relatively steady or grew slightly in the official count for 2012-2013 school year.

Corinth and Briarwood are the largest area schools with 544 and 565 students respectively. That represents a five-year high for both schools. At the other end of the scale, Westwood View and Highlands have 288 and 301 students this year, both numbers are higher than last year and five years ago, but are not the five-year high. Belinder and Tomahawk have shown steady increases to 496 and 321 this year. Prairie at 430 students this fall also has been fairly steady over the five years.

Indian Hills Middle School is at 747 students this year, up from 737 in fall 2011. The closing of Mission Valley and the realignments that accompanied that move brought the IHMS numbers up substantially from 498 in the previous year.

SM East has dropped slightly over the five years that span realignment. It has 1,769 students this year, down from 1,797 last year and 1,836 five years ago. The Shawnee Mission District as a whole dropped slightly to 27,467 from 27,766.

An update on the district’s strategic plan, scheduled to be delivered to the board Monday says the average elementary school size in the district this year is just under 450 students, but that it would be under 280 if no schools had been closed. The average middle school size this year is just under 800 and would have been under 400 without closings. The district has closed 28 schools since 1984. The report estimates the annual cost of operating the 28 closed buildings would have been $13 million. The district had more than 45,700 students in 1970.