Construction under way on new JO transit center in Mission

The JO, Johnson County’s bus service, is expected to move its transit center in early 2013 from the corner of Lamar Ave and Martway Street at the Johnson County government building.

County officials broke ground on the new JO transit center this summer.

The new center is being built on the site of the old Capitol Federal bank building toward the east end of the Johnson Drive retail area in Mission. Several JO buses pass through the transit center each day, especially at morning and evening rush, to accommodate transfers. The new transit center will be an upgrade with digital bus time message boards and improved shelters for waiting riders and a park and ride location.

The project is part of a larger overhaul that improves services on the Metcalf/Shawnee Mission Parkway routes by adding 12 new transit stations with shelters, new park and ride locations, digital message boards, pedestrian access improvements at Broadmoor and Martway and at Roe Avenue north of Johnson Drive, plus the new center on Johnson Drive.

The new transfer center will span the lot between Johnson Drive and Martway. Construction is under way currently.