Northeast Johnson County dominates ‘best suburbs’ list

The clock tower at the Village Shops.

So we might not officially live in Money magazine’s top ten places. But a recent set of rankings by Coldwell Banker Real Estate should have northeast Johnson County residents feeling pretty good about the place they call home.

The top suburbs rankings had Mission Hills, Leawood, Prairie Village, Westwood and Fairway as Kansas’ top five. Only one Kansas City-area suburb, Weatherby Lake in Platte County, made the Missouri list.

The rankings were based on a formula that weighed access to amenities like grocery stores and banks, proximity to good schools, community safety and commuting times.

Alas, no Kansas or Missouri suburbs cracked the list’s national top ten, which was topped by Cherry Hills, just outside Denver, Colo. But Mission Hills wasn’t far off. It’s rankings score was 955.35. Huntington Woods, Mich., the last suburb on the national top ten list, got a 961.65.

(H/T to Rich Cook for the heads up).