Send us your questions for the local Kansas state legislature candidates

If you haven’t noticed by the near constant attention in the national press to a race between two fellas named Obama and Romney, there’s a big ol’ election coming up in November.

And, as is our wont, we’re going to be putting out a questionnaire to local candidates about the issues most important to our reader.

We’ve got four races — a senate race and three house races — that will impact our (rough) coverage area. They are:

Senate Dist. 7: Democrat Kyle Russell and Republican Kay Wolf

House Dist. 19: Republican Stephanie Clayton and Democrat Zach Leau

House Dist. 21:  Democrat Amy Bell and Republican Barbara Bollier

House Dist. 25: Democrat Megan England and Republican Melissa Rooker.

To develop our questionnaire, we rely heavily on input from our readers — so we want to hear from you! What issues facing the state do you think are most pressing? What local issues do you want to hear the candidates address?

Email us, post a message on our Facebook page, send us a Tweet, or give us a call at 913-626-6273 before the end of this week, and we’ll take your input into consideration as we develop our questionnaire for the candidates.