Let’s relive it! Video from Lancers shutout of Olathe South

I, for one, am not quite ready to quit reliving the Lancers’ remarkable win over state champion Olathe South last Thursday. And with the help of Lancer football filmaker Brian Libeer and Kevin Booker, proprietor of Booker T Sports Reports, LLC and possessor of the most robust knowledge of SM East sports history possible, I don’t have to.

Booker ran some nums’ after the game and came up with this li’l fact sheet to put the Lancers victory in perspective:

  • It was the first time that SME has defeated OS since the 1992 Fall season… Former SME HC Glen Percy coached against Olathe (North) & South Football legend Bud Wheeler (passed away in 2010? or 11.) SME won the game 13-12. Last week’s win ended a 13 game losing streak, similar to the ugly losing streak the Lancers had going with the ON Eagles.
  • Chip Sherman is now tied with Bill Stiegemeier with all-time wins (3rd most) with 23 wins a piece at SME… During Bill Steigemeier’s tenure 1985-91, record was 23-43, taking 6 of 7 seasons to accomplish 23 W’s… No HC in Varsity team history, has ever recorded 23 wins faster than Sherman since taking reigns of the program in any decade. Chip Sherman has accomplished this feat in just under 3+ seasons as Head Coach.
  • First time in school history (SMSD Football history) since the 2004 season when all four Olathe Schools participated in Varsity Football an SMSD school has defeated all three different Olathe HS’s in succession. In that time, of the four other schools, and combined 48 season by season Football schedules counted and reviewed, has a SMSD school EVER played the 4 schools in a row. In 2012, SM East is(was) the Guinea pig.
  • The only other time in SME Football History the Lancers shutout OS was under former HC Emerson Wilson (1981-84) during the 1983 season with the Lancers winning 23-0. OS was only in its third season as a school, and part of the EKL which made it a non-league matchup.