Beware: Little Free Libraries spreading!

Okay. I want everybody to promise to remain calm.

But I have some startling news to report: Remember the Little Free Library that popped up off 79th Street a few weeks ago? It’s bred.

A new Little Free Library is now attractively posted in the front yard of a home on 67th Street just southwest of Prairie Elementary, strategically located to expose passing school children to its pro-reading agenda. Scary stuff.

Let’s just take a looksee at what we’ve got in here…there’s a little Pippi Longstocking, some Celestine, Drama Queen. I spy A Treasury of Alphabets. And some Count with Dora! for good measure. On the older side of the spectrum there’s some Water for Elephants, Little Women and Still Life with Woodpecker.

Something for everyone, I’d say. A-plus for selection, new Little Free Library.

Anyway, keep those eyes peeled, Villagers. You never know where the next one of these things will strike.