Lancers name varsity cross country teams after time trials at SM Park

Football wasn’t the only SM East sport preparing this weekend for the official start to the season. The SM East cross country team held time trials at Shawnee Mission Park Saturday morning. More than 100 runners took to the course, with the top ten boys and girls making the Lancers varsity teams. (The girls’ cross country distance is four kilometers; for boys, it’s five kilometers).

Runners qualifying for the boys varsity team were: Joe Bahr, senior, 17:10; Chipper Jorns, senior, 17:25; George Miller, sophomore, 18:31; Will Moore, sophomore, 18:33; Quinn Appletoft, junior, 18:41; Peter Moriarty, sophomore, 18:46; Mike Thibodeau, sophomore, 18:50; Alex Mayfield, junior, 19:21; Spencer Carey, freshman, 19:35; and Max Blanchard, senior, 19:39.

Runners qualifying for the girls varsity team were: Annie Kuklenski, junior, 16:35; Hannah Arnspiger, sophomore, 16:36; Tiernan Shank, senior, 16:55; Alex Hillard, senior, 18:07; Anna Colby, senior, 18:08; Megan McAlister, junior, 18:12; Adalaide Kline, freshman, 18:24; Hannah Coleman, freshman, 18:27; and Jeri Freirich, senior, 18:30.

(Thanks to reader Greg Peters for the tip and pics).