Google rep says company has taken notice of Prairie Village’s interest in Fiber

From left, Prairie Village city councilors David Morrison and Laura Wassmer, the Village Merchants Association’s Donna Potts and Prairie Village resident Mark Logan were among the approximately 20 city representatives who toured the Google Fiber space Wednesday.

Prairie Village’s interest in Google Fiber has been noticed, a Google representative told group of about 20 representatives from Prairie Village Wednesday during a tour of the Google Fiber headquarters at 43rd Street and State Line Road in KCMO. But that doesn’t mean warp speed internet is coming to PV soon.

The group included city administrators, council members and Mayor Ron Shaffer as well as members of the business community and organizer Logan who has put together the online petition asking Google to consider expanding Fiber into Prairie Village.

Besides showing the group how the service performs, the Google reps added more interest sharing the fact that property values increase $3,000 to $5,000 if a house is wired for fiber. Google plans to start residential hookups this fall. But the first two campaigns do not include Prairie Village and Google has no process in place for further expansion — although it is in discussion.