Prairie Village police conducting ‘You Drink. You Drive. You Lose’ patrols

The Prairie Village Police Department sent out the following press release yesterday alerting residents that its officers are participating in a statewide program to catch drunken drivers:

If you or someone you know sometimes drives after drinking alcohol or consuming other drugs, be warned that during the period, August 16 through Labor Day, September 3, there will be additional enforcement of Kansas drunk driving and other traffic laws as the Prairie Village Police Department participates in a crackdown with almost 150 other local police agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol to educate about impaired driving and remove impaired drivers from the roadways.

Known as You Drink. You Drive. You Lose., the crackdown is underwritten by a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). It is not uncommon in Kansas for 61 persons to be injured and 3 persons killed every day on Kansas roads in alcohol-related crashes. According to KDOT, if you are involved in such a crash – in any capacity – you are two and one-half (2½) times more likely to be injured and four-and-one-half (4½) times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than if you are involved in a crash in which alcohol is not determined to be a factor.

The ratio of death to injury in alcohol-related crashes is almost four (4) times higher than the death to injury ratio for non-alcohol related crashes.

Additional officers will be patrolling the City streets at strategic times specifically to seek out impaired drivers.

Additionally, the Prairie Village Police Department wants to remind drivers that the best protection against a drunk driver (even themselves) is the use of seat belts and appropriate child restraints – every trip, every time.

They save lives and reduce serious injury every day, and it’s the law.