Falkenstein, Reed will join KU coaches at Friday’s KU Kickoff at Corinth Square

Charlie Weis, Bonnie Henrickson and Bill Self will have some notable crimson and blue company at tonight’s seventh annual KU Kickoff, which starts at 6 p.m. at Corinth Square.

Jayhawks basketball broadcasting legend Max Falkenstein and fan favorite Tyrel Reed will be on hand promoting a pair of biographies: Falkenstein’s “A Good Place to Stop: 60 Seasons with Max and the Jayhawks,” and Reed’s “Reed All About It: Driven to be a Jayhawk.”

(Without having read either, I’m going to go ahead and give “Reed All About It” the shawneemissionpost.com Best Jayhawk Player Biography Title Ever Award. That’s no small feat. Remember, Jerod Haase published a book called “Floor Burns”).

Falkenstein and Reed will be stationed between the Alumni Association tent and the KU Athletics tent.

And just a reminder: The location of this year’s rally has moved to the south side of the shopping center, just west of Commerce Bank.