PV mom launches business helping other moms find flexible work options

As the mother of two, Prairie Village resident Laura Wildman knew a thing or two about the pressures of balancing work and family.

Laura Wildman
After 12 years working in professional services and as a business consultant, she was ready to find a situation that allowed her more flexibility to be with her own kids. The answer, she decided, was to help others find the kind of flexibility she desired as well.

“In my career, I experienced the frustration of not having much control over your time, with demanding hours and travel dictating the schedule,” she said. “I had come across other people who wanted more flexible schedules as well, and saw it as a business opportunity.”

So early this summer, Wildman launched the Kansas City office of Mom Corps, a professional placement service that matches working moms and others looking for flexible schedules with employers.

Through the company’s website, job seekers can search for opportunities that are a good match for their talents — and also filter those opportunities based on the job requirements. For example, job seekers can look for full time opportunities that offer flex time, or 20-hour-a-week options. Many of the jobs in the company’s listings offer the option of working at a virtual office.

“We’ve got companies on the coasts that are looking for talented people to fill their needs, and want people who can work remotely,” she said.

Wildman says the service offers benefits to employers who need jobs done, and to a wide range of job-seekers.

“A lot of people looking for these kind of options are moms,” she said. “But the jobs are open to anyone. We know a lot of seniors are looking to reduce their hours, and often these jobs can be a good fit for them.”