Lost cat: Injured Tabby/Bengal mix last seen near 69th Street

Attention Villagers in the vicinity of 69th and Fonticello Streets: Keep those eyes peeled for a local cat in distress.

Resident Deric Stewart sent along a note this afternoon asking for help locating his 15-year-old Tabby/Bengal mix, which was injured after an encounter with a dog Tuesday morning.

Here’s Stewart’s description of the incident:

“Boone” has been a loving member of our family for over 15 years. Early Tuesday morning he was brutally attacked on our door step by a WHITE BOXER that was allowed to roam the streets by its owner and who lives on 69th street. After the fight was broken up, Boone ran off before we could see how badly he was injured. He is believed to be hiding somewhere in the neighborhood caring for his wounds. If he is still alive, we are desperate to find him and get him to the animal hospital. If you have time, we would appreciate it if you could check the locations in your yards or around your house where a cat could hide. THANK YOU!!!

If you see the cat, please call Mindy or Deric at (913)432-2006 or (913) 432-2045.