Pre-season rankings put Lancers next-to-last in Sunflower League Football…uniforms

Having notched two of the best seasons in school history the past two years and with the most highly touted Lancer quarterback ever preparing to lead the team in 2012, you’d expect the local football punditry to be bullish on the black and Columbia blue.

But Sunflower League Football blogger Eli Underwood is bearish on at least one aspect of this year’s Lancers: their uniforms.

In the first-of-its-kind rankings, Underwood slots the Lancers unis at eleventh out of the twelve teams in the league:

I’m actually surprised SM East hasn’t gained Polo Ralph Lauren as a sponsor yet because that would only make sense given the school’s reputation that I would kindly label as more “dapper” than that of any other high school in the Sunflower League (and probably anywhere west of St. Louis, for that matter). The Lancer’s digs could use a little help from Ralph Lauren, that’s for sure.

The helmets are completely black, facemask and all, and feature literally nothing. The jerseys do fit professionally and are not baggy (probably the biggest upside to their uniforms) but they have a sort of roundish font that kind of resembles KU’s, but with less pizazz. And mind you, these numbers are large. Like three stories tall large, and they’re outlined in a hint of columbia blue. The pants are plain black, and I feel the most appropriate term for the jerseys is, quite frankly, plain.

Boooo, Eli Underwood. Boooooooo! Lancers: Let’s use this as motivation. Show Underwood that, even with the debilitating condition of having relatively plain uniforms, you can go out and achieve anyway.