Johnson County passes 2013 budget, holds property tax rate steady

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners on Thursday adopted a $815.1 million budget for the 2013 fiscal year, holding the property tax rate at 23.118 mills. The county’s mill levy — the tax rate assessed to property — has been steady since 2007.

Commissioner Michael Ashcraft was the only commissioner to vote against approval of the budget.

The county provided the following summary of what the tax rate means to county taxpayers.

Johnson County Government’s new budget reflects a general lowering of appraised property values in Johnson County because of the lingering economic downturn. The average home in Johnson County was valued at $238,000 in 2013; the average residential property appraised value in the FY 2012 Budget was set at $242,000.

The new budget projects that the owner of the average home in Johnson County, valued at $238,000, would pay approximately $635, or roughly $52.92 per month for the county’s portion of their property tax bill. For the FY 2012 budget, the average home of $242,000 paid approximately $53.92 a month in property taxes or about $647 in total…

The calculations are only for Johnson County Government and do not include other taxing entities, such as the state of Kansas, cities, or school districts.