Queen of Paws offers posh services to Prairie Village pups

Queen of Paws owner Christine Gregory massaging a client at her new pet boutique and spa.

Christine Gregory remembers stopping at Franklin Park on the way back home as a child, hopping out of the car to let her pooch out to play.

“You’d see all these people out there walking their dogs,” she said. “You could tell it was definitely a dog-friendly community.”

Such experiences were among the reasons Gregory chose Prairie Village for her recently opened business, Queen of Paws Boutique & Spa. In her retail space in Somerset Plaza, on 90th Street just off Roe Avenue, she offers dog grooming, obedience training, play dates – and even pet massage and acupuncture. The space also features a boutique, where Gregory sells pet paraphernalia, including custom “party collars.”

Gregory has a long history in the business of man’s best friend. Prior to opening the pet boutique and spa, she’d been designing pet items for eight years, and selling them at a co-op boutique in south Overland Park.

“I decided I wanted to go out on my own and offer some more services,” she said. “This area seemed like a great fit, because dogs are such a big part of people’s lives.”