Google Fiber announces plans to offer service to Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods

Remember how last week we were bemoaning the fact that the Prairie Village area didn’t seem particularly likely to have access to Google Fiber’s services in the near future?

A map put out by Google Fiber showing the cities that will be part of a future registration rally for its ultra high speed internet and television services.

Well…nothing is certain, but a post on the Google Fiber blog Friday might suggest that a Google Fiber future for all of northeast Johnson County isn’t as far away as it could be.

Google Access General Manager Kevin Lo announced on the site that, pending approval from the cities’ city councils, it anticipated being able to offer service to the northeast Johnson County municipalities of Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods.

“[We] plan to include these communities in a future rally for Google Fiber (timing to be announced, so stay tuned),” Lo wrote. “To be clear, this does not change the construction schedule for eligible homes in Kansas City, Kan. and Central Kansas City, Mo. And homes in North and South Kansas City, Mo. will still be able to pre-register for Fiber in our second rally. Today we are simply adding three new Google Fiber communities for a future rally.”

Based on that blog post, I feel confident enough in my reading-between-the-lines skills to make at least one bold proclamation: They know northeast Johnson County exists.

That’s a big first step.

Westwood borders Kansas City, Kan., and Wyandotte County to the north, so it’s probably no surprise that Google looked there for a first foray into the area. The question now is if — and hopefully, when — the company will take that next step south into Fairway, Mission Hills and Prairie Village.

Alls I know is this: Signing Mark Logan’s petition to bring Google Fiber to Prairie Village probably can’t hurt our chances of getting here sooner than later.

As of the middle of last week, the petition had about 150 signatures. Let’s try to get…I don’t know…TEN TIMES THAT MANY by the end of this month.

Click here to sign the petition.