SM East grad launches curbside glass recycling service in northeast Johnson County

Damon Wittenborn with his Atlas Glass recycling bins.

When Mission Hills took a pass in February on becoming the pilot site for a curbside glass recycling program to be managed by Ripple Glass, one local man saw a business opportunity.

Dam Wittenborn, a 1999 SM East graduate who got out of the Marine Corps in 2004, decided that if cities weren’t yet prepared to contract out curbside glass recycling, he’d offer the service directly to homeowners. His new company, Atlas Glass, has been taking subscriptions for curbside pickup for just over a month.

Pickup every other week costs $60 for a six-month subscription or $110 for a year-long subscription. Weekly pickup is $120 for six months or $220 for a year. Wittenborn picks up glass the same day as homeowners’ normal trash pickup.

At present, he’s offering his service in northeast Johnson County, Brookside, Waldo and midtown.

“Currently we are a one man operation with high hopes of being a job creator in the near future,” he said. “Our top priority is to keep glass out of our landfills by making glass recycling as convenient and easy as possible.”

Atlas delivers the glass it collects to Ripple Glass — at no charge to them, he says.

“It’s our way of saying thank you to Ripple for creating jobs and helping us all to take a step towards a more sustainable future,” he said.

For more information, check out Atlas Glass’s website.