Spotted in Mission Hills: Barred Owl and Great Blue Heron

If you’ve known me long enough, you know that I boil my life philosophy down to three letters: ABB.

Always. Be. Birdin’.

So it’s been a good week at the Senter house. Last weekend, we spotted an American Goldfinch in the front yard. A couple days later, a Downy Woodpecker made an appearance. And during a jog through Mission Hills yesterday, I spotted (what I’m almost sure was) a Great Blue Heron in the creek just south of Mission Hills Country Club. (If it wasn’t a Great Blue Heron, I think it was a Sandhill Crane):

Several minutes later, I saw what I can confidently report was a Barred Owl perched above the creek running along Indian Lane:

Apologies for the relatively low-res photography, but these were snapped hastily with my phone. Anyone else spotted anything unusual these past couple weeks?