In Fringe Fest’s ‘Prairie Village Home Companion,’ a send up of suburbia

Suzanne Welch and Jim Sturgill

Local actress Suzanne Welch says it’s nothing personal, Prairie Village.

In fact, the reason our fair city became the namesake of her satire “A Prairie Village Home Companion” was simple: She and writing partner Jim Sturgill wanted to format the new Fringe Festival production around Garrison Keillor’s public radio fixture “A Prairie Home Companion.”

“We started batting around the idea to do a piece that was like a production of ‘Prairie Home Companion,’ but focused on the suburbs, last year,” she said. “It was like, ‘Hey, Prairie Village will work for that.'”

The production, which Welch says is staged just like a live episode of Keillor’s radio show, made its debut Sunday, and will have performances Thursday and Saturday before the Fringe Festival wraps up.

Welch said that while the content is aimed to rib suburban life in general, there are a few location-specific references.

“Mostly we take the approach of looking at stereotypical suburban life from an outsider’s perspective — just like A Prairie Home Companion looks at middle American life from an outsider’s perspective,” she said. “But we do get a line about Corinth Square in there. And Jim delivers ‘The News from Prairie Village.'”

Tickets for the show are $10 and can only be purchased with a Fringe Festival button. The production is put on by the Westport Center for the Arts at Unicorn Theatre. For more info, click here.