Fairway police issue warning on unlocked car burglaries

A wave of recent unlocked car burglaries has gotten the attention of the Fairway Police Department, which issued a crime prevention awareness alert for residents today:

In the last month or so several cities in the Northeast part of Johnson County have taken reports of unlocked cars being entered overnight; in addition to items such as change, cell phones, CD’s, and laptop computer a few of the cars were stolen as well. The one common denominator in each of the cases is the cars were unlocked and when the car was stolen the keys had been left in the vehicle. The incidents do not appear to be connected and are random in location, date, and times. The Fairway and Roeland Park Police Departments identified several suspects in one incident and charges are pending against them.

Please remember to lock your cars and keep garage doors closed. Keep valuables out of plain sight, use the glove box or center console for small electronic items and the trunk for larger ones. Never leave the keys in your car even if it is parked in the garage. A few simple preventative measures can save you a tremendous amount of grief. Thank you and remember to call 911 anytime you see a person unfamiliar to you enter a neighbors car or garage.

Questions? Contact Chief Mike Fleming at the Fairway Police Department
phone: 913-262-2364
email: mfleming@fairwaypd.org