Our questions for the Kansas legislature primary candidates

Last week we put out a call for input to help us craft a five-item questionnaire for the local candidates in the upcoming August 7 primaries. We got nearly two dozen suggestions, and based on that input developed the five questions below, which we sent to the candidates in the primaries for House districts 19, 20 and 25 and Senate district 7.

We’ll start running the answers a day at a time on Monday, July 30.

2012 Kansas Legislature Primary Candidate Questionnaire:

1) In 2011, Kansas cut the amount of basic aid it provides to public schools by close to 6 percent. Where do you stand on public school funding? Is the current amount of aid sufficient? Should the school funding formula be altered? If so, how?

2.) State fiscal analysts project the tax bill signed by Gov. Sam Brownback in May could produce deficits reaching $2.5 billion by 2018. What specific government programs or services would you cut to balance the budget?

3.) Do you think the state has a responsibility to ensure that all residents have access to adequate health care? Do you support the state creating a health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act?

4.) Over the past five years, Kansas has provided roughly half a billion in tax breaks and other incentives to lure business here or keep them from moving across the state line. Do you support the use of taxpayer revenues to engage in this “economic border war”?

5.) What is the biggest issue facing the state today, and what specific steps would you take to address it in Topeka if elected?

Big thanks to all the readers who sent in suggestions for questions. Looking forward to seeing the candidates’ answers!