CBS News to feature Marti Hill story on 48 Hours this fall

Chief Wes Jordan (left) presents Marti Hill with the “Spirit of Fortitude” award as Capt. Wes Lovett looks on in April.

Fontana Street resident Marti Hill’s remarkable story of perseverance and survival was an inspiration to the police officers who found her and caught her attacker.

And come this fall, the story could be an inspiration to people across the country.

CBS News last week wrapped up several days of shooting in the area as part of production for a 48 Hours segment featuring Hill’s story.

Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan was among the members of the department CBS News interviewed for the production. The crew rented out the Scottish Rite on Linwood in Kansas City, Mo., to conduct the interviews.

“They had three cameras set up, with one of them on a track that you were supposed to follow as it moved,” Jordan said. “And a lot of lights. One of the officers was sweating so much they had to have his makeup reapplied several times.”

Jordan said he’s excited to have the story come out, likely in November according to the producers, because he thinks it will reflect very well on the officers and the community that helped bring Hill’s attacker to justice.

“The producers remarked over and over that the ability to solve this crime was evidence of a job well done,” he said. “A lot of things had to be done right and fall into place for us to bring him to justice.”

Moreover, he said, Hill is excited to get the story out.

“She hopes this can prevent something like this from happening to anyone else,” he said.